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The EU regulations that have as an objective Near Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) by 2030 demand to every member state to have an inventory for the CO2 level in every household.
The inventory procedure is usually done only when the houses are built, and we cannot have a true report and we don’t know how to improve.
However, the machines that produce heat and cold have to pass mandatory maintenance.
We empower maintenance companies to solve this problem for the government, offering them an unique tool based on latest technology to keep track of their customers, their activities, calendar and much more.

Centralize reports

with the purpose of managing the prevention and control of technical inspections

Through the use of the Safety Tag application we proceed to the census activity. Every single NFC TAG is associated with the characteristics of the component, a photo, the plant to which it belongs, etc.



Security is always excessive until it is enough

All data are transmitted to the central system that historicizes them and generates useful procedures in real time without waiting for billing cycles, verification procedures. It is also possible to produce alarms for all attempts at violation, failure to comply with the work plans, the overthrow of contracted SLAs and to tend the anomalies with respect to the standards and average intervention statistics.


Monitoring maintenance activities

mandatory through NFC technology labels that allow for real-time activity, quality, maturity and dangers to be controlled

Every maintenance technician intervenes in the field for programmed or extraordinary activities, using the mobile application and a unique identifying NFC TAG of the specialized technician and the levels of authorization.


Facilitating activities

control in accordance with the legal stipulations

Set calendars for scheduled interventions. Download the inventory. Analyze maintenance statistics and verify detailed reports of all interventions. Produce the specific documentation for the purposes of legal certifications. Plan extraordinary intervention activities


Performance analysis

statistics to optimize technology