For Business

Business Software development

In a changing environment, companies need to be in line with the market, especially when it comes to technology. If you want to develop software for your company or you plan building a business solution for your customers, we will help you through all the process.

Business Mobile development

Mobile became more used than web. It’s time to consider business mobile apps part of our lives. With a vast background in this segment, we are able to design products based on various technologies such as NFC, geo localization, RFID, face recognition, speech to text and lots more.



Together we can not only build the product but also strategy. We help you analyze your needs based on our experience, combining the perfect technologies in order to deliver best user experience. We help you collect all the data you will need to develop and improve the product.


Our datacenters are located in Romania and Germany. We can help you scale the solution with the grow of your business. We provide server management, backup and disaster recovery.


Operations outsouring

If your organization decides to use outsourcing services, you should consider us for these activities: Information Technology (development of products), online marketing, general maintenance services of installations, consulting and training.