For Business

Web & Mobile Booking platform

We know you are familiar to airplane ticket, hotel and car rental booking, but there are many other businesses that are now growing using booking platforms. Restaurant booking, healthcare booking, tickets, books and more are now handled online. We can help you manage real time bookings both on mobile and web.

Web & Mobile Maintenance process management

Our product helps your technicians gain time, helps your customers have all documents in a friendly online interface, not forgotten in some shelves, and helps you keep track of the time needed to do an intervention. The solution manages also the inventory process.


Exhibition Management Platform

We are prepared to manage both on mobile and on web your guests, their tickets, the badge printing process, the course attendees, the courses certificates, the ads, the interaction between guests and lots more. Our solution is full featured and fully customizable.

Form filling and Field Reporting

Our mobile solution is able to grab data from your ID, Passport, driving license, etc., and insert it in a form, multiple forms or a contract. You can optimize up to 80% of your time, save some trees and your customers’ nerves.  We integrated biometric signature to complete the process. No more paper needed.


Home Automation device configuration

You are a manufacturer of blindes, curtains, cooling and heating systems, sliding doors or other home or office devices and you want to deliver a premium product? We are the solution. We can automate your product and also put it on the market in the specialized shops all over the world.